My Melbourne backyard

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My Melbourne backyard

I only have a small courtyard style backyard where we are renting. I have a bird bath and more recently have put up a bird seed feeder. It's not much, but sometimes we get some special treats

Gorgeous blossom just starting to peep out - Spring has sprung! I'm not sure of the type, maybe non-fruiting prunus plum?
This is a gorgeous Brown Thornbill. These tiny little birds flit so fast through the trees chasing bugs! It is really tricky to capture them at all, so I'm quite proud of this shot! Of course, I got a lot of terrible shots before I finally snapped this. I love the fast and responsive auto-focus of my Canon; it played a bit role in this!
A gorgeous Brown Thornbill, one of my favourite little birds. They move so fast as they flit through the trees hunting insects, and it's difficult to get a good shot! So I'm pretty proud of this one, and right outside my kitchen window! Sweet moment!
The close up shot of the moon on a clear night - not bad with the city lights
One of my favourite shots of the moon at full zoom on my old camera that went out to 600mm! I think this is a pretty good shot for the city, given how much light is reflected up that obscures the sky.
Baby or immature Blackbird
A cute little baby, or at least immature, Blackbird, right out my window!
Note the speckles and short tail that show it's an immature Blackbird
Notice how this baby bird has a short tail and speckled appearance compared to adult Blackbirds that you may have seen?
The feathers of the baby Blackbird are still growing creating the speckled appearance and shorter tail
The speckled appearance of the immature bird is due to growing feathers not having grown right through - you can see the shafts
Daddy and Junior Blackbird
Here's Daddy Blackbird with Junior Blackbird - you can see how much more speckled the baby is
Such an inquisitive baby Blackbird
A wonderful encounter right in my back yard - so exciting!

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