Bike ride 6th September 2016

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Bike ride 6/9/2016

Every time I go out on my bike for a ride I wish I had my camera! I always say to myself, some day I'm going to come back with my bike and my camera and take all the photos that I saw today. Of course it never happens. And when it does, it's actually quite tedious. You don't get anywhere much, and even going slow you're travelling too fast to stop for the shot you thought you'd get! As a compromise I take my smart phone which is great for scenery and fitting in my back pocket, but rubbish for zoom and details. Not today! Today I took my new Canon 750D in a backpack and went bush. These photos are the result. I rode over 10km so I still got my workout, plus got these gorgeous creatures into the bargain! YAY!

The gorgeous green grassy plains beside the Yarra River
A beautiful lookout where the Mullum Creek flows into the Yarra River - how could you not stop for a moment at one with nature?
The Yarra River flowing strong as the Mullum Creek comes in from the side
My awesome bike - I do love the power of a bike to take you places you'd never otherwise end up!
Sometimes smooth bitumen paths, sometimes hard packed dirt, sometimes gravel, sometimes boardwalks - over 5km this track really gives you a bit of everything!
Finished my ride! YAY me! A bit pooped from that last hill
What a perfect contrast, pretty purple flowers against the green green grass
I'm not sure how close I got to this Welcome Swallow in the end, but it was very very close!  It just sat and sat until it got uncomfortable, then it flew a few metres away and settled again, not really bothered by the black tube faced thing. A brilliant encounter!! So glad I had my camera!
"Kookaburra sits on the...old stump post" - a Laughing Kookaburra listening keenly for something to eat! What a picture perfect scene - I had nothing to do with setting it up, but I'm glad I witnessed it
Sulfur Crested Cockatoo taking off for a high perch in the gum trees - I like how this picture is dark, and how the foreground has blurred into abstract shapes

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