Bike ride and baby shower: 13/9/2016

A slow day for me all day, but it ended in fireworks with me deciding to get out and do a bike ride despite it all, and then going to a pre planned baby shower in the evening

My trusty steed, ready to go with drink bottle, lights, bike computer and saddle bag
Heading out from the visitor centre under the bridge to start the western loop of the Lake Burley Griffenbike path 
Looking across the lake to the National War Museum
A closer look at all those flags
Looking at Black Mountain and the Telstra Tower across the lake
Some spring blossom coming out
Such a dramatic sky makes for brilliant reflections
A light breeze rippling the lake
Kicking goals: a slow day but I got out on my bike, albeit at 3.30pm with threatening skies
One of the beautiful islands
This is a seriously scenic bike path!
What an avenue! Just outside the National Arboretum
What a cool bridge!
Baby shower food: the pram 
Baby cupcakes
Babies in blankets and buns in the oven
More prams
Babies bottles
Absolute works of art!
100s and 1000s cake - made by one of the mum-to-be's friends, what an artist!
Lots of new people to get to know, what a fun night to do that

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