Black Mountain Views - 12/9/2016

One activity I've been looking forward to in Canberra is bird watching. Being six hours north of Melbourne and in different terrain means different birds! New and exciting birds! So it only took me a day to head out and check out a site that's known for having 100 species of birds. But while I was there, how could I help enjoying the views, the flowers and the other creatures?

A gorgeous old tree trunk - so interesting
One of the many different types of bush along the Black Mountain summit walk
A peak through at the blue sky and faraway mountains
These adorable purples flowers are opening up everywhere. The plant itself is a vine which seems to smother other plants but it's so pretty!
Another vista through the trees to the view of Canberra
Blue hills, green grass, bush - what a way to spend the day
The famous Telstra Tower - still on my to-do list, but today the bush and birdlife are a better reward
A clearer view through a gap in the trees
It doesn't look like it, but the path is pretty steep - more so on the way back up!
The scribbly gum - fascinating!
I love the geometric shape of the shadows cast by the gum trees
Just one more of the many vistas as I walked around one quarter of the mountain
A goat track, but worth the slog
A panorama view on the home stretch
There's Lake Burley Griffin and the city
It's steep but beautiful
What a cute little lizard, or gecko, or something; birds are more my thing as far as naming goes
This is such a delightful tiny moth - its iridescent!
Same moth, different angle if you can believe it
I think these butterflies are pretty ubiquitous, they look like the same ones we have around Melbourne

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