Spring babies

Just by chance I've come across some super cute spring babies over the last few days of bike riding and sightseeing and I want to share the cuteness around. I'm sure there'll be more so I'll be sure to update this portfolio as I can

I went out with my camera to find the family of ducks I saw yesterday, and as a bonus I got this family as well when I took a detour! NINE ducklings in this little gang
Unfortunately I scared these Wood Ducks as I rode by, I had no idea they were there even though it was a narrow gravel track right next to the lake. Somehow they were all huddled there but jumped into the water - the same NINE ducklings as above
FOUR of the NINE ducklings above as the family got out of the lake and went looking for grass to eat - they are so independent already! Could your heart just melt?
Family outing with the same NINE ducklings as above
I found this family of Wood Ducks grazing on the grass yesterday when I rode past. I was sorry that I only has my phone camera on me so today I took my camera to get a proper shot. You can't really see but there are ELEVEN ducklings huddled in there. 
What an adorable mummy-baby relationship! Or Daddy, I can't tell them apart for these Purple (now Australasian) Swamphens
These bubbas look like they're barely out of their shells! But they're walking around the reeds like champions
There were SEVEN chicks running around but 4 adults...couldn't quite work out if it was one batch or more
Check out those monstrous feet! No wonder they can walk around on the reeds so well
I have no idea how these little ones can swim so well without webbed feet but they are fast!
These chicks were the showstoppers at Floriade! I went over to the lake because about 20 people had gathered and were taking photos - not a scheduled program but one of the best things I saw
A baby Masked Lapwing (previously plovers) very independently making its way around the pond. I couldn't get its parent in the same frame
Most people associate plovers with noise and swooping but these chicks are soft and cuddly. You can see the "mask" already developing
The watchful parent ever mindful of threats and chucking away just to remind us it was there. It didn't try to approach me at all; I think they are more aggressive when they're sitting on eggs rather than once the eggs have hatched
More babies to follow as spring develops - I spied some baby rabbits today that I'd love to get a shot of, and I found a swan nest that might produce some other babies - 20/9/2016

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